Current Fiction Project(s)

I have a lot of balls in the air at any given time. The sub-pages below detail some of those and where we are at with them.

The Beanstalk and Beyond is it’s own page because it’s a real book!

Work is underway on a sequel.

These are current projects far enough along that I have something to show:

One of 64

Space opera without hesitation or remorse.  I have a draft of the first novel in the can, and I am adapting that to a graphic novel / webcomic (in my spare time).

Go Action Fun Time

A table-top RPG simulating the kind of Saturday morning cartoon you’d want to watch: teenage superheroes travelling randomly through time.


Other projects in some state of pre-production, in alphabetical order:

Arizona Wineries

A non fiction guide to the wineries in AZ. Yes, we have a wine industry.

Curioser in Phoenix

A guide to weird and wonderful things to do in the Valley of the Sun

The Deeds of Gurn the Merciless

Gurn is half human and half orc and despised by both races. But he dreams of a day when both races will live in harmony – beneath the iron fist of his own tyranny.


The sequel to One of 64. A new batch of 64 must deal with the consequences of the compromises the predeccessors made.

The Mad Scientist Club

A web-comic about junior high geniuses who discover time travel. What could go wrong?

Taliesin’s Last Apprentice

Working title for the sequel to Beanstalk and Beyond.


The bored rich of the future rent the experiences of people from the more interesting past. Those people get to spend that time in someone else’s mind as well. That’s super-fun until someone hacks into the system trying to change history.




The Beanstalk and Beyond

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