This is for Actual Author Events, and other places I go where I would be happy to talk to people about my books or writing or other nerd/geek/wonk things.  So if you wanted your copy of my book signed, or to assassinate me, here is a resource for arranging that.

I regularly attend two writing groups: The Central Phoenix Writing Workshop Monday Night workshop at Phoenix Public Market in central Phoenix (out back on the patio),  and the Armadillo Grill Author’s Workshop on Thursday nights. Officially, you should join the meet-up group before attending either one, but as a practical matter both groups welcome drop-ins. Two notes of caution:

  • These are ongoing and relatively serious workshops where I am a participant, not an organizer. It is on you to make peace with the organizers.
  • I do not attend every workshop every week. Often, there will be no notice either way. You hunt me to these places at your own risk.

I have a day job that is ordinarily from 7am to sometime mid-afternoon, but there are a lot of variables determining that.

Here then is the Deep End Productions Google Calendar:


The Calendar pages on Curious Continuity and Fantastical History are identical to this page except for this sentence.