The Sixty Four

The Sixty-Four Only true heroes have any chance at all…

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[A brief description of the setting:]

When the Terran Federation (and later the Terran Empire) joined the Consortium, they were bound (as are all other members) by the agreed-upon limit of full-time soldiers allowed to operate outside the home system. When the Consortium’s complicated formula was applied to human populations outside the solar system proper, the number at the bottom was sixty-four.

Sixty-four Marshals (the Consortium, in typical vagueness, does not distinguish between military and law-enforcement) to patrol and control everything human beyond the home system. Their beat includes the steamy jungles of Osiris, the frozen seas of Baldur, the insular terra-domes of Proxima, and every gas-ball and chunk of rock, every orbital platform and decaying colony ship, and every Old Imperial ruin and strange alien artifact that floats through their 5 parsec territory.

This new frontier is far from tamed. While space pirates hover around isolated jump-gates, local “militias” serve as proxy armies for feuding interstellar corporations. Every place with a permanent population, from the towering city of Ozzymandias to any number of isolated research stations has their share of crime; organized and otherwise. And don’t forget agents of many of the other 497 alien civilizations in the Consortium who pursue their interests with no consideration for their new and comparatively weak member.

To deal with this, the Terran Fed focused the budget for an entire army on sixty-four individuals. Only the best of the best, with the best training and the best toys, receive the honor and responsibility of wearing the singular blazon that identifies them as Marshals. While theoretically grouped into teams of four, they are often left to their own devices, as their jurisdiction covers several overlapping and competing legal systems, few of which appreciate their scrutiny. Right and wrong often comes down to what the Marshal decides on the scene. They get no medals or honors – they are expected to be heroes from day one. Nothing less has any chance at all.


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