Only shoulders can be shrugged

For those new here, this blog occasionally experiences long droughts, and I do not apologize or explain such things. It’s not because I stop learning. It’s because I stop blogging.

Yet having been a while, and in hopes of more regular updates in the future, let me re-introduce myself a little bit.

I am the second most famous Padegimas on the internet.

I am a lot of things in my spare time:

I also maintain a house, marriage, full time job, two kids, two dogs, two cats, two chickens and rabbit and a fish.

And sometimes, I just need to drink beer and watch baseball.

A few things I have learned recently:

A quick writing to to cut a few needless words: never write that a person shrugged their shoulders. Redundant.

Only shoulders can be shrugged.

Most of the electrical professionals assume that electricity goes from the positive pole to the negative pole, except for the US Navy, which has always operated on the opposite assumption – and there stuff also works.

Arizona still has a big steam punk community, and tea-dueling is a real thing.

Blog posts are easier to just do when they are short.

Now you know.

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