About This Blog

This is your central point of contact for finding myself or my creative works upon the internet. It all spreads out from here.

The blog itself chronicles random facts that I encounter during the course of the day. They certainly do not represent everything I learn during a day; just what seems relevant to a general audience (and that I can remember when I sit down to write this thing). Also news about my personal and professional life that might be of broader interest.

Also the antics of octopi and related cephalopods.

Also, toilets around the world.

I have never been a consistent journaler – but if I keep the entry barriers low, I hope to achieve some consistency.

My current fiction and non-fiction projects have their own pages on this site, and often separate websites as well.

Oh – and obviously – the entire blog is copyright by entry date  – Tony Padegimas. Don’t steal my stuff.

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