The Beanstalk and Beyond

This is a novel-length work, being volume one of the Autobiography of Jack the Giant Killer.

It has been accepted for publication by New Link Publishing (an imprint of Mystic Publishing). We have no release date yet.

Currently, I have no better marketing material to show than the query letter that got me the contract:

For Jack, the beanstalk was only the beginning of a journey from chicken thief to hero. Caught up in conflicts between kings and wizards and even gods, Jack tries to rescue the three princesses who died, but not really.

After the beanstalk falls, the sudden fortune of Jack’s family attracts the envy of villagers and the ambitions of bandits. Jack adopts one such scoundrel as a father figure, and they take turns betraying each other until they both wind up in the local dungeon. To escape from hanging, Jack cheers up the suicidal daughter of a knight of Camelot (the first princess) with a gift of magic.

When the relentless Northwest Wind brings with it an exceptionally cruel winter, Jack sets upon a mad quest to stifle the freezing gale himself. On that journey, he becomes ensnared in a duel between wizards over their three-eyed daughter (the second princess) with whom Jack has fallen in love, in the limited, baffled fashion of an twelve-year-old boy.

He further outwits or simply outruns freezing cold, bullying bandits, savage Picts, an insane ghost (the third princess), playful whales, and the bitter wife of the cloud giant, who has forgiven him – almost. She introduces him to his nemesis, the Northwest Wind.

They become friends.

With his new friend now blowing at his back, Jack makes allies out of his enemies, trades secrets for fortune, and learns the high price of prosperity, the pitiful rewards of revenge, and how trust is all that binds any of us together.

The Beanstalk and Beyond runs approximately 84,500 words. This story stands alone, but there is obviously a lot more where this came from.

My non-fiction work has been published in numerous magazines, and I have two hiking guides on the shelves (the latest is Five Star Trails in Flagstaff and Sedona – Menasha Ridge Press, 2011), but this is my first novel.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

We’ll be visiting the setting in Fantastical History as well.