25 March 2009

A summary of what we learned:

As many of us are aware, cable’s SciFi channel is changing its name to SyFy channel, much to the annoyance of nerds everywhere. The word “syfy” is reportedly medical shorthand for syphyllis ad a Nordic or Polish language (reports differ as to which one) term for the same condition.

You can’t really find a good medical dictionary online, but you can find several websites that will define the term “shorthand” for you.

Loi Krathong kinda means “floats that we made” in Thai. But don’t bother asking Thai2English – because it doesn’t recognize the term.

The internet is overrated as a source of useful knowledge.

Party clowns think Circus Clowns are rock stars.

And secretly, we all covet really expensive pens.

OK – you can still find obscure, expensive items easily on the internet – so there’s that.

Now you know.

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