Writing down goals about writing

What follows is mostly for my reference, though you are welcome to read it, of course.


They say the first step to meeting goals is to write them down. In an ideal world, I’d have 200-500 words of blogging every night. This would do a few things:

q      More blogs = more exposure. Regular blogs have higher readership.

q      Cross referencing = cross marketing.

q      Writing regular blogs makes you better at … writing blogs.


So I’m going to start doing that. There. I wrote it down, thus doubling my chance of success (from 7% to 14%!)

I’m not proposing this is the key to success and happiness here. In the final accounting a blog is still just a blog – somewhere between a newspaper column and a diary entry. There’s a limit to the audience interested in the details of my life and how that colors my perceptions.

This is the schedule I have in my head:


Monday: Fiction marketing or WHWL. There may come a day – ideally by the end of the year, when there is a blog or two relevant to my published fiction. Right now I have no product ready to go – so this day is still open.

Tuesday:  Non-fiction proposal day. That means query letters – so on that day my regular readers can take a break.

Wednesday: Are We Lost Yet?

Thursday: Writing Made Visible

Friday: Who the hell reads a blog on a Friday night? I’m taking that night off.

Weekend: Silly Penguin


My day job still comes first. If I work more than 10 hours in a day – I ain’t likely to blog when I get home. So it goes.

The goal for this blog, then, is shorter and more frequent posts – daily, but at least 3x/week.

That’s the goal.



Now you know.