Hold my beer – blog this…

I stare at the screen

so many thoughts to share, still

I play solitaire

Even though I haven’t updated this blog in some time, it has still drawn a reasonable amount of traffic, and

Even though no money changes hands over this blog in any direction, I am still grateful for the attention.

Never write e-mails angry. You squander the one advantage they give you over personal communication.

Take your time. Think it through. Figure out what you really need to accomplish with your reply, and for the love of God get your facts straight.

I am pleased to report that I believe I have just taken my own good advice for once. But we shall see.

Some more links of interest to writers are up at Writing Made Visible. And you can all scroll down for some Haiku nonsense.

Brazen Wonk:

David Frum explains how in terms political productivity, social progress is over-rated.

David Walker talks like the civics professor you wish you had listened to – but as he explains on NPR’s Fresh Air, our folly has real consequence:

“What threatens our [country] is the structural deficits that will exist after we are out of the recession, after unemployment is down, after the wars are over, and after we get past the current crises,” he says. “Structural deficits represent a fundamental imbalance between projected revenues and projected expenditures even when the economy is growing, even when the wars are over, even when unemployment is down. And in that circumstance, we face — because of known demographic trends — the retirement of the baby-boom generation primarily and rising health care cost — large, known and growing structural deficits that could swamp our ship of state.”

Writer’s Group:

The purpose of Haiku:

“The primary purpose of reading and writing haiku is sharing moments of our lives that have moved us, pieces of experience and perception that we offer or receive as gifts. At the deepest level, this is the one great purpose of all art, and especially of literature.” (Bill Higginson)

Japanese Death Haiku

And finally, as once heard on NPR’s Car Talk:

Four-wheel drive pickup
I remember his last words:
Hold my beer, watch this!

Mike and Vicki Stroeher

Leading inevitably to this:

“Told ya I shoulda gotten my cooler outta there…”

Now you know.