Random adapters 9/23/08

I’ve learned that trying to turn random facts into thoughtful essays is time consuming, and comes off pretensious when you read it a day later.

Never try to cut palm frans with a machette. That’s not from my experience, but the guy who told me seemed sincere and knowlegeable on the subject.

Hurricane Ike liberated thousads of cows across SE Texas, who are now in danger of being eaten by alligators.

Sarah Palin still isn’t talking to the press. CNN almost protests. [via Cynical C-Blog]

Finally, for the stagehands, an account of a practical use for that edison-XLR adapter you once madde as a joke. If you only connect the shield in the female XLR to the ground in the male edison (or the male stagepin) you have a last resort for closing an open ground loop in an uppity sound system.

The look on everybody’s face is worth it alone. And if it makes the humm go away – all the better.

Controlling the Press

If a politician running for office won’t talk to reporters, the reporters – especially the good ones – will eventualy find someone to talk to. To wit: the NY Times profile of Palin.

[From Cynical C-blog – one of my most regular surf stops)

Walking with Dinosaurs used over 300 moving lights.

Coyotes have a language of at least 33 dsistinct yips and other sounds.