Notes from the Writer’s Group 9/17/09

This is late, of course. I had day job obligations starting literally hours after the meeting which extended virtually non-stop until Saturday afternoon. Then I had a backlog of contest stories to plow through.;

The deadline for contest stories was (is) today – and my scores are submitted – thank you very much. Without going into inappropriate detail, of the 14 stories that were submitted, 12 were good reads.

Among the stories I judged (I skipped the one I wrote) I scored the top eight within two points of each other.

Some really good stories (including, I fear, my own) probably lost solely because they did not directly address the contest theme.

On that subject – a far more organized contest: Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Contest. We promise to have our results before their Nov 2nd deadline.

We are lurching towards a coherent business plan with the anthology, but not quite so that I feel comfortable sharing details just yet. Besides, the official organ for such information would be our Meet-up website.

A good site for info on Morrigan and all her Celtic friends (as well as a host of other pantheons) Encyclopedia Mythica. On that subject, a report on the possible eruption of Mt Rainier.

The Universe, which runs on the History Channel, has a whole episode dedicated to how to destroy the world. Is Morrigan watching?

For a completely non-romantic, true life account of dysfunctional DEA operations in Mexico, read Deep Cover, by Michael Levine.

And another loong screed [5 parts] on the wisdom and future of e-books.

There’s got to be a way to create a “substantial publishing record” with self-published e-books. In the next post, I’m going to talk about possible ways to do this and why they could be methods for obtaining “legitimacy.” I’ll also include opinions from a self-publishing author, a traditional author, and input from a traditional publisher. Stay tuned!

Now You Know.