Irish coffee OR Guiness. Never both.(11/26/08)

A couple things that we leared on our anniversary trip to Prescott:

It’s worth your time to chat up the shop owner. That’s why small town tourist strips kick the crap out of city malls every time.

40-somethings cannot drink like 20-somethings. And it is actually hard to eat-out every damn meal.

Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot” sketch has antecedents in ancient Greek comedy.

Vituperation is the process of heaping verbal abuse upon someone.

A list of 10 things You Didn’t Know About GM. [via Neat-o-Rama]

Scientists have found a living fossil – a single-celled critter about the size of a grape that rolls across the bottom of the ocean.

The year’s news in stunning photography. [Thanks Mark!]

If you ask the Somalis, piracy is the least of their problems. [from the BBC – always a source of good cheer.]

Now, did you notice the map? See how many pirate attacks actually happen off the shore of Yemen? Also check out the photos at the bottom of the thing linked above.

Yemen has bigger problems as well.

Even if I spent the better part of Saturday night farting non-stop on an uncomfortabel bed in a tiny hotel room that I paid too much for – I have far more frtune than I objectively deserve.

But still, Irish coffee OR Guiness. Never both.

Now you know.