Has “organizer” gone to my head?

This may develop into a regular feature on Wednesday nights:

What did I learn at the Writer’s Meet-up?

Geoff leaves as organizer (his schedule changed. He now heads a Friday night group), leaving me to “organize” in his place, and our attendance doubles.  Ok – not double – but 16 writers is a LOT to cram into a coffee shop.

First – the link I promised: How to find an agent, advice from San francisco agent Nathan Bransford.

There is another Meet-up group called the Central Phoenix Writers Group, that meets on Wednesdays. Really. Our only relation with them is coincidental.

One man’s method of organizing ideas: the Snowflake method.

I think this is the celtic music podcast we talked about.

A google search for “solar-hydrogen power” turns up a LOT of dead links. A more determined crank might suspect conspiracy. Here’s the most coherent and relevant (to Isabell’s post-apocalyptic romance) site I found among the two dozen I surveyed: Hydrogen dream to become reality…

Mozart for right-brain creating, but Bach for left-brain editing.

And recalling Anne Lamont’s Doctrine of Shitty First Drafts: Anything you write down is more productive than an empty page.

Now you know.