SF, eagles and gratuitous football metaphors [10/16/08]

Eventually, sleep deprivation overwhelms any amount of caffeine or motivation, and you just pass out on the couch, without updating your blog or rotating your laundry. Life goes on.

Paul Chitlik, who teaches screenwriting at UCLA has posted Eight Things to Remember when writing science fiction. [via SF Signal]

So say we all.

The southwest bald eagle is, according to ornithologists, a separate and distinct species from the rest of the North American bald eagles. They are, on average, smaller, geographically isolated, and nest and breed in the winter rather than the summer like the rest of their kin.

I’m working on an article about these birds, and their prospects (the Feds recently de-listed them as “Threatened”, but all of that is still in court). At the 2/3’ds mark of the research, I’d say their prospects are good regardless of how the Feds classify them.

A quick Debate Metaphor: Down by 9 points, Team McCain took the certain field goal, forced Team O’Bama to a three and out, and ended up with decent field position. They still need a touchdown with about 3 minutes left, and face a very good O’Bama secondary that knows they have to put the ball in the air.

The best electoral map on the web: Real Clear Politics.

According to their math, McCain can sweep the toss-up states and still lose. Personally, I think he steals Virginia from the Dem’s as well – but that won’t change the result – just reduce the landslide.