Pirates, Monsters and dimensions [9/18/08]

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day – which is more than simply an excuse to annoy your co-workers (although, I can tell you, in my case, this will certainly occur).

On June 6th, 1995, two guys, getting slap happy from an extended game of raquetball started talking in pirate slang, and had so much fun they resolved to do that at least one day a year from then on. They chose September 19th, one of their ex-wife’s birthdays, because t was a date he couldremember that wasn’t occupied by an other event. For several years they remained faithful to their inside joke, which spread to friends and co-workers but not much farther. Until… they e-mailed Dave Barry about their annual observance, and he wrote a column about it.

Now it is celebrated worldover,and is the most sacred holiday of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who revere pirates even more than strippers. The church of the FSM is a great story as well, but I already knew it.

What I also learned is that it did NOT originate with the indie movie Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, as has been suggested to me. This clearly predates that 2007 film, whatever its merits. (I haven’t seen it).

If you have some time to kill, and can’t hear enough about geometry and complex numbers, check out the Dimensions series of short films. Originally made in French, but they have deigned to translate it into English for the benefit of their barbarian brothers across the pond.