Why the Founders Feared the Common People [9/26/08]

I’ve been watching the John Adams miniseries which ran on HBO (and which I have via Netflix). I haven’t leared a whole lot (I read David McCulloh’s book) except a fact I probably forgot. Adams rose to fame (and infamy) in Boston for successfully defending the soldiers who fired in the Boston massacre. Adams convinced the jury that they fired in self defense. (In truth, any mob that rows rocks and sticks at any modern US police force is likely to get gun downed as well). However, as compelling as his courtroom antics were, Adams won the case in jury selection. None of the jurors actually lived in Boston, and more than half had business interests with the British army.

Top political interent search subjects according to a guy on NPR (wrote the book Clicks – name escapes me).

For O’Bama: “How tall is Barak Obama?”

For Sarah Palin: “beauty pageant photos.”

(On that subject, Waxy has the swimsuit competition short, because YouTube keeps pulling it down, They have several clips of Obama playing basketball in about an equal amount of clothing.)

After the debate (of course I watched!) the commenators – on PBS no less – were complaining that is was dull. No name calling – just a serious policy debate on issues of substance. What is the Republic coming to?