September 2nd 2008

You can go from zip to blog at the WordPress site in about a half hour.

Anagnosis, Aristotle’s term for a revelation in a litererary work that turns the direction of the protagonist’s (or other character’s) life. In Greek drama, that direction was almost always downward.

Literary criticism may be dying in the newspapers, but it is flourishing on the internet, albeit with a greater –er- variety of competence.

Squick” is slang for beyond gross.

or so I read. I’m not actually that hip.

You really have to use the “paste from Word” button when imprting text – or there is weirdness.

Screenwriters regard their own format as some indecipherable and contradictory alchemy that only the seasoned pros can possibly understand, and that not being within this mystical format marks one as an amateur. [via – which actually deals with the Dark Knight script – but see the comments below about the quest for the One True Format].

Older news:

Sarah Palin is the new Dan Quayle – and that McCain’s campaign staff finally shouted down Joe Liberman as VP – a hollow victory as it is turning out.

(What we learned from Dan Quayle is that no one votes for the bottom of the ticket.)