Notes from Writer’s Group 7-23-09

Plot outlines are for the author’s convenience. If it helps you write – you did it correctly.

Should you use quotes in interior monologues? These guys say “never, ever!” Its italics in the first person, and could be left implied everywhere else. They have some decent examples.

Literary zone divides our character’s thoughts into direct and indirect, with some pro/cons about those approaches.

Grammarphobia on champ vs chomp.

Language Log says chomp is winning.

There are 5 types of dragons in Chinese Astrology: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. (From here…)

They are otherwise divided in 9 types (more like species). Types and habits of Chinese Dragons:

Mythicarealm and Draconika

One last note: I have applied to write about local camping for (specically the Phoenix version). I’ll update how that turns out.

Now You Know.