Baseball and straight lines learned later in life than one would suppose

My son, who has somehow reached the age of 11 without playing so much as an inning of organized baseball, decides he wants to join Little League. At 6th grade, you’re supposed to be automatically placed in the upper division (which they call the “majors”) but there exists a by-law that allows them to put a 6th grader in the “minors” if everyone signs off on it.

6-8th grade pitching really maxes out at 70mph, which is fast enough from a 60′ mound, but Little League pitches from a 42′ mound (distance from home plate – for the non-sporting), which reduces the decision-making window to the equivalent of a major league fastball. It s simply unsafe to put a raw beginner in the batter box under thosee conditions.

Ben was bummed, but he’s better off learning the basic-basics with other kids who are the same situation. They spent a lot of time in the first practices just figuring out the rules of base running.

I can’t stress enough how kind and cool everyone in our local league has turned out to be.

My daughter, who turned 10 last week, somehow got to that milestone without learning how to draw a straight line using a ruler.

Now they know.