Writer’s Group Notes return

In the past, I followed up the writer’s group I participate in with some remarks relevant to what was discussed about writing and other things.

These are the notes (mostly links, actually) from the 7/14 meeting:

New word: numismaty – the study of old coins.

Numismatic Doug Smith gives an overview of the subject in one of the 100+ pages of his comprehensive site.

Looking for a specific name? Try Coin Community’s Numismatic Glossary.

Hohman transfer orbits are the bicycles of interplanetary travel – fuel efficient compared to any other vehicle, but really,really slow.

The Polaris Project from Iowa State University patiently explains it all (and we mean all).

And if you’re worried about traffic on the orbital highways, check with these folks first.

Finally, GRR Martin does not have a blog, except he does, and he updates us on the casting and other production progress of HBO’s adaption of his novel Game of Thrones.

Now you know.