To Zombify Education [10/24/08]

When you are imposing multiple levels of standardized tests, such as my children (4th and 6th grade) must take, you must be very consistent on how you define terms like “protagonist” and “denominator” so that they match in the school-wide test, the district-wide test and finally, the statewide test mandated by statute.

This is how measurement driven instruction improves zombification.

More numbered maxims on writing science fiction.

Splitting infinitives is made possible because English is not Latin. They were not considered poor grammar until the late 1800’s when grammarians decided that if you can’t do it in Latin, you shouldn’t do it in English.

English has a Germanic word order (There was a Germanic tribe called the Angles who spoke Anglic – you can see where that goes, right?). Differs it does from usage of standardized Latin.

Anyway, we’re over it. The Chicago Manual of Style has been over it since the 80’s, but the country as a whole, has been over it for over 50 years.

Grammar Girl explains here.

To boldly go…” is often cited as the phrase that moved us past this. (One site credited the line to Captain Kirk – who is fictional. It was almost certainly written by Gene Roddenberry.)

BTW – it’s now OK to use it on standardized tests as well.