Planets and urinals and an excuse to link

It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Which is the same day as threaten your co-worker if he doesn’t stop talking like a pirate day.

It’s not Blog like a Pirate Day. Maybe we should start a movement.

A few quick links before the toilet humor starts:

A post-mortem of my book signing can be found at Are We Lost yet

GAFDE on blogging (which I am ignoring right now) at Writing Made Visible

The discovery of this planet isn’t monumental, (see last post for more on this process)  but the artwork is cool:

NASA has a new on-line tool to explore planets in our own system. The LA times describes it here.

“You are now free to move about the solar system,” Blaine Baggett, a manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada Flintridge, said in a statement. “See what NASA’s spacecraft see — and where they are right now — all without leaving your computer.”

The actual tool is here.

Eyes on the Solar System

Here ends the respectable portion of this blog entry.

So, according to the WordPress dashboard, one of the top searches leading to this site is “unicorn pooping marshmallows” which leads you to thi


That post also has one of the few clean photos of yours truly on this blog, and a video explaining the importance of the First Follower.

This post features something equally classy:

That is a Lady J – a portable urinal for women. That’s right, we span the globe to find weird urinals all over the world – even in your over-sized purse. Franly, I’m kinda disappointed the device isn’t pink.

So you know, women use these things in adventure and other travels. I learned about it from Kelly, who went around the world in a boat.

If you follow the D-backs or the Mercury, playing hard all the way through the game can get you a LOT farther than any of the talking heads would have expected.

Now you know.


New Planets are so passe [11/14/08]

Good news/bad news on the writing front.

I saw my book on the shelves at Barnes and Noble (at Metrocenter).

And someday, I want to be this guy!

The nebulous deal to develop a science fiction role-playing game dissolved. I wrote a relatively broad primer on the scenario, mostly so I could keep the basic facts consistent, but also so I would have something to show this guy by December. I sent it last week, and recieved a very polite reply that he’s no longer in the publishing game. (Which is kinda why I sent him some stuff early. Silence always makes me nervous.)

Meanwhile, scientists have actual images of real planets around real stars. My scenario only dealt with stars within 12 ly from Sol, while the planets around Fomalhaut lie at 25ly. The methods they use to detect planets, even their fancy new ones,do not work well with our nearest neighbors. The only nearby star with known planets is Epsilani Eridani at 10.4 ly.

SF RPG’s are a niche market of a niche market. I may be sad, bt I have no excuse to be surprised.

I am told that the best way to consume psychedelic mushrooms s mixing them into an ice-cream shake. Of course, the guy telling the tale also told how he threw up afterwards, and then tried to walk across the swimming pool.

Do you care about the given name of Adam Ant or Sting? Here’s a list. Don’t bother telling him that Marilyn Manson was actually born Brian Warner – not Bruce Warner. 80% of the 70+ comments point that out, some with a bit of anger.

Finally, and probably against my better judgement, here’s how you can make glass in your backyard. [Thanks Mark – I think.]

Now you know.