September 8, 2008

The National Enquirer has discovered that political scandals can move as many copies as show biz scandals, and that they can easily scoop the legitimate dailies on these sort of stories. They can scoop the dailies, of course, because they pay sources (sometimes a LOT) while legitimate papers stoically refuse to stoop to such measures. So they can read about Sarah Palin’s sex life in the Enquirer along with all the other women she was supposedly going to steal away from Hillary Clinton.

Memo to Governor Palin: don’t bother calling your lawyers. The Enquirer has a keen sense of where the boundaries are regarding libel.

Memo to Senator Biden: No one votes for the bottom of the ticket, so you can stop laughing now.

(I know this because a member of my writing group used to write for the Enquirer.)

There are two basic type of cellular Phone service: GSI and CDMA. My Cingular service was GSI, which is a world-wide standard, but with spotty coverage in the southwestern United States. CDMA, conversely, while not broadly used outside the US, had pretty thorough coverage in the lower 48. CDMA also goes through obstructions like building and trees better than GSI.

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access.

I know these things because the salesguy for Alltell loved the soud of his own voice spouting off these sort of facts. He also predicted that Alltell and Verizon would soon merge – though that’s not an established fact. If they did, though, they would be the only remaining CDMA service left in the US.

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