A Whole New Universe – again [1/20/09]

There is a theory among physicists that the instant anyone comes to understand tghe fundamental nature of the universe, that universe will be immediately replaced by some far stranger universe. Many physicists insist that this has happened several times.

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

The Arizona Cardinals are giong to Superbowl 43.

These are the only two topics of discussion anywhere on Phoenix talk radio.

There is such a place as Obama, Japan.

President Obama is left handed. Not a secret – but I just noticed that today watching him sign his first few official documents.

William Henry Harrison delieverd the longest innaugural address to date, and died 31 days later of pnuemonia.

Now some good links:

Graphics to make you thirsty for that which is not good for you – an illustrated guide to whisk[e]y.

From Locus online, omni-geek Cory Doctorow on Writing in the Age of Distraction.

And, Kevin Kelley, of Wired Magazine, explains how by 2040 we’ll be as dependent upon the web as we are upon the alphabet. [about a 20 minute video].

Now you know.

More late game turnovers [11/11/08]

Both the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals, while not considered contenders are headed for the playoffs. Both played teams that are, well, not headed for the playoffs. And both teams struggled mightily to prevail in what should have been easy contests at home.

Steve Nash had as many TO’s as assists, contributing to 19 turn-overs as a team. Grizzlies rookie OJ Mayo is For Real, scoring 33 points. BUT it took him 23 shots to get there. In contrast, Suns guard Leandro Barbosa shot 10-13, including the go ahead 3 pointer with seconds left. Then Nash nailed free throws.

The San Francisco 49ers’ traded trunovers and stoopid penalties with the Cards throughout the 4th quarter. Seriously, I think they set a Monday Night Football record for penalties in the second half. Late hits, off-sides, stupid things. In the end though, the Niners made the last mistakes as time ran out, and the Cards squeaked by with a 5 point win.

The true heros were the refs, who worked hard to sort out conflicting penalties on what seemed to be every damn play. In the end, they got almost all of them right. So someone was on top of their game tonight.

A few remaining drops of election knowledge: Outstanding election result cartograms. And 50 things you may not have known about the President Elect.

The Phoenix Mars lander officially ran out of sunlight, and therefore power as the Martian pole drifts into winter.

And some perspective on the national debt.

WordPress will not flag “stoopid” as a mis-spelled word.

And I can unclog my dishwasher with a length of wire and a Shop-vac. Hooray!

Now you know

Variety show [11/9/08]

So the last four days I have been running followspot for the Sin City West variety show. While that duty was not particularly arduous, it was time consuming, and I had no real internet access. I did, however, get some reading done.

Galactic North, by Allistair Reynolds is a collection of shorts and novellas based in the same Revelation Space setting as several of his novels. Several of the stories explore either the origins or the ultimate fates of characters that apparently appeared in some of the novels. I don’t know. This is the only R-Space work (or Reynods work FTM) that I’ve read so far. I’ll read more, but I suspects this collection is better appreciated after reading some of the longer works.

Outstanding stuff in any case. All the good hard SF writers seem to come from Britain these days, and Reyonolds is foremost among them for a reason.

My daughter normally plays on-line games that involve magic ponies, or dfressing-up some doll. Then  I find her playing this. The most disturbing part is not how good she was at it, but how much she giggles…

Marine scientists may have found the common ancestor of all octopi, among other things. In unrelated news, workers at a German aquarium caught their octopus juggling hermit crabs. More about the octopus here.

Big Pharma is already preparing to whine when the Obama admin starts reviewing (and presumably improving) the Bushco gutted FDA.

One more thing: Simply Fishing has published my article on Night Fishing in the desert reservoirs. Kinda wished it came out in August, when I submitted it, but this beats having the article killed.

Now you know.

Late game turnovers will kill you [10/31/08]

The New Orleans Hornets still own the Suns, beating them for the 5th time straight last night in Phoenix.
Of course, 20+ turnovers will do that to you.

OK – this isn’t just a random loony at a rally. This is not some low-level campaign worker in an unguarded moment. This is the national campaign spokesman, Mike Goldfarb, coughing up the football on CNN.

Everything that is dumb and wrong with the McCain campaign summed up in about 50 horrifying seconds. (Jesse Jackson? You couldn’t at least have smeared Jesse Jackson? I mean that would be untrue in five different ways, but at least we coud follow the logic. And Jackson’s fuming denial would have kept this thing going another news cycle at least.)

(Or maybe he just couldn’t bring hmself to say “Jimmy Carter” out loud…)

OK, he probably meant to say Jeremiah Wright, but then remembered that McCain would fire him if he did that*. But I really don’t think the answer he didn’t give helps his career as a spokesman in any way.No matter how desperate you might be to steal some jewish votes out of Florida, this sort of crap won’t get it done on the national level.

My nine year old daughter laughed at him.

Now you know.

* I suspect there is a gentleman’s agreement between McCain ad Obama. McCain won’t bring up Wright, and Obama won’t bring up the three or four right-wing crazy preachers that McCain publicly accepted endorsements from.