Images of impending doom from NASA and other observations

First,NASA’s YouTube of Irene:


I have watched my wife get a C-section, and I have watched blow-out Little League games, and those experiences were horrible. Not quite as bad, but ranking up there, is watching (because my kids seized control of the TV) a re-run of a Saturday Night Live Christmas Special in late August.


Modern CPR is now 30 compressions / 2 breaths. And the best place to restock your first aid kit is your local dollar store.

I’m 44, a father, homeowner and profession at several things. There aren’t many excuses for me. If I’m going to turn a profit writing, blogging is part of the process. So, this blog update over the weekend. Are We Lost Yet?  updates on Wednesday. Writing Made Visible updates on Thursday (likely with writer’s group notes. Once I get in the habit of those blogs, I may add others. If you don’t want to hunt those downs, I will always announce updates here. (Because this version of WordPress automatically posts to Facebook and the like – unlike Trekalongs’.)

On that subject, Windows Movie Maker doesn’t default save to a format You Tube can use. You have to save it as a movie, and not a project. How do I know? I have a You Tube Channel: Are We Lost Yet?

And more NASA doom – a map of the Antarctic Ice Flow, and how it is accellerating.



Now you know.

My kitchen and Antarctic urinals may be nothing but waves [11/30/08]

So what my wife and I learned that we have the room on our credit card to plausibly rennovate the kitchen, which has the same cabinets from original construction circa 1949. So they’re a little dated. All told, this is a $3000 project if you include a new dishwasher – which we will. If our tax return is what we expect it to be, this ought to be off the books by the end of the year.

The question is: can we install it all before Chistmas?

I expect to learn a lot about installing cabinets in the next four weeks. I’ll share.

And now, for toilets in Antarctica:

Here’s some collected photos of them. Here’s some history of how they were maintained in the past. And here’s the website of Cedar, one of the people who cleans them right now. So now you know what stalagshite is. And Cedar’s Flickr set is way worth it. And remember, it’s summer in Antarctica.

Oh, and there may be no such as things as particles. It might all be waves.

Now you know.