September 4th 2008

One of the guys in my writing group used to own a house down the street from me. Before he finally sold it, he tried renting it. Neighbors told him later that rental furniture trucks rom different companies would show up almost daily in the morning. Later that day, and unmarked box truck would pull up and haul it all away. He also fraudulently sub-let the house to 30 different couples.

Then he fled.

My friend then sold the house.

There is no rhyme or reason as to how the New York Times compiles their bestseller list. It frequently differs wildly with lists that base their rankings on actual reported sales.

It’s difficult for two inmates in a high security psych ward to have a normal adult conversation. It’s considered erratic behavior, and alarms the staff.

John McCain’s full name is John McCain III.

And two old yet timeless bits of wisdom that I really already knew, but that events reinforced today:

To get published, you need an agent. To get an agent, you need to be published.


Measure twice – cut once.