The zen approach to HCR, AI, and PPV

Previously, I speculated that if Republicans are seen as squashing Health Care Reform (how long until we simply call this HCR?) they would pay a price at the polls. I still think that’s true. However, if HCR is done in by Democratic infighting, the GOP would be set up for a triumphant mid-term.

No one really likes Howard Dean. They like him less when he’s right.

I was all set, then, to tee-off on conservative blowhards and their health-denial schemes, when I came across a Ted Talk about the 5 moral matrices, and a mission statements for the Radical Moderates, among whom I, a life-long lefty, hope to someday number.

But the stupid still burns…

Meanwhile, David Brin explains how the Robot Wars are not at all invetible, beyond the usual Vista/Unix jokes.

Acute sinusitis is aggravated by fans and milk. That’s what the doctor said. I almost had it beat – but I was still running a fever yesterday, and with La Vida Rhino approaching, I felt I’d better do something more aggressive than just lying about in my bed, with two fans on me, drinking chocolate milk.

I fell better today. Thank you.

Yellowstone Pix on Flickr.

I am, in fact, the Phoenix Camping Examiner.Thos of you who have hit this site looking for tips on hammock camping should read my nice summation 0f the practice on Examiner.

You have to look at the revenue more like accumulated royalties than a by-the-word check that some wonderful publisher cuts at publication.

Camping articles are essentially “evergreen”, meaning their timeliness does not necessarily expire. So more article up for a long period of time equals more revenue.

That said, I crossed the One Whole Dollar threshold sometime last weekend – so I’m not exactly preparing for my retirement with this.

Now You Know.

Back from vacation wiped out and wise

Did something right – built a day in the schedule for just recovering from the vacation. Wasn’t enough – but it helped forestall disaster.

We travelled 2643 milesover eight days on our way to Yellowstone and back. Five nights in the tent, two in hotels. Final tab around $1400. Absolutely worth it.

Once in Yellowstone:

  • Your lowest altitude is still over 6000 feet.
  • Everything is a long drive from everything else.
  • The Old Faithful geyser basin has Disney-scale crowds.
  • Even on a Monday morning, if you don’t have a campsite by noon, you aren’t getting one.We ended up, though, with a fine site in Grand Teton, which would have been ideal except..
  • There is always road construction. The construction  season and the tourism season coincide, and only last 3 months. This includes the length of the John D Rockefeller Roadway, a narrow band that connects Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Dug down to dirt, one lane most of the travel, half-hour delays.
  • Get an Annual Pass. We didn’t hit enough national parks for the thing to pay for itself in money, but it more than paid for itself in accumulated avoided hassle.

Driving the Equinox:

  • It has the turning radius of a freight train.
  • The wind whistles through the luggage rack, and I kept checking to see if all the windows were up.
  • The ride’s a bit bumpy (of course, my last car was a Buick).
  • Loaded up with 4 passengers and gear, I could still climb hills with 80% of the cars on the freeway.
  • I used the luggage rack for the tent and camp-chairs, but I could have crammed them inside the vehicle. Of course, I couldn’t have seen out the rear window if I had.

Of course we have pictures. They will be posted somewhere – soon.

This is probably not the last I’ll post on this subject.

Now You Know.