My Many Reasons for Drinking Whiskey Right Now

As I write this, I have been up for 27 straight hours. This will not last much longer. I am drinking good whisky like water, and there are many reasons for that.

Because I’m running on fumes, I am blowing off all the usual links.

I have made word count for the last 2 weeks, mostly on Go Action Fun Time. We are blowing that off tonight too.

I did indeed go to MaricopaCon, where one of my two Go Action Fun Time sessions fired – as we say.  Meaning I had players.

Two dads and four kids under 12. So I cut the A plot and the B plot, and strung together a series of nuisance encounters and that constituted the actual episode.  This seemed to work. They clobbered giant scorpions, found a way to fly over the moat full of blood, and worked their way through five of the six insane encounter rooms.

Everyone had fun playing a game I made up. Cheers.

Mayan mythology – where I drew most of this material is seriously messed up – just so you know.

I came home from MaricopaCon to find the AC dead. Some investigation revealed filters clogged with enough hair to make whole new pets, and a coil covered in gunk, which was in turn covered in ice. I remedied all of that, and went to work.

I have been working overnights on my “day” job, because the building we are trying to finish is already occupied. The poor denizens of that cubicle farm have a hard enough existence without turning their lights on and off at random, as I do. So we work in the middle of the night sometimes.

Come back just before dawn and the AC is still not working. This would be a source of discontent.

Earl, having been recently homeless, was game to just suffer through. Julie found other places to be. I managed to sleep through most of the heat until about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I have been awake ever since. Partly because I had to go back to work.

Without going into the objectively dull particulars of my job, I finished whispering to the lighting relays, and a job that has been plaguing me since February is finally done.


Came back home, and the AC guy I had hoped to see at seven said 10 was more realistic. OK.

I mowed the lawn – which was up to my knees in places. Cheers.

It wasn’t like I could go inside and cool off. Even so, I had an hour to fret about how I might come up with the three grand or so it would take to replace the AC unit. Also, I napped for maybe 20 minutes.

The AC guy  arrived, and quickly determined that the problem was not at the AC unit, but at the fuse-box.  OK- I had gotten that far, but only with a hot stick. The hot stick said that current was reaching the AC unit. A

A meter, though, revealed that only a fraction of the voltage was reaching the meter. The 3-phase exterior-handled disconnect panel that my grandfather probably kloodged in there had finally failed mechanically, and the blades no longer made full contact. It would have to be replaced.

This would be $250 if he did it, but even on short rest, I am an electrician. I can replace the box. That seemed to be the answer the AC guy was hoping for.

But not just right now – I had an appointment.

I went to the divorce shop and signed some documents in front of a notary. That’s not a happy reason to drink whiskey, but whiskey is called for nonetheless.


Then I bought the wrong fuse box, some printer ink and a handful of groceries.

My Epson XP440 won’t print in black unless is has ink in all three other cartridges either. This has been a source of discontent. But I bought the damn ink, because the $30 get me functional as opposed to $200 for an actual laser printer to Solve This Problem.

That day is coming, but today was about the AC.

It says 50 amps right there on the plate, so I take my 30A back and get a 50 amp. Then I climb up on the roof in the bright afternoon sunshine and verb with nouns until I get the damn thing in place.

I knocked out one of the holes too large for the fitting. Never ask how I fixed that.

I thought about carefully metering everything but nah. The proof of the wiring in in the humm. Flip the breaker and …



I have the haouse to myself tonight. Cheers.

The diamnodbnacjsm are winning . Cheers . Starting to get really fuixxxzy now. Maybe beers  soon. And a shower – a long overdue showers.

Soon we will be inandmmwairtbsiazzzzzzz.


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