Because it is hard…

We have decided to learn Blender not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Also, it is free, and established past the point where it will not suddenly vanish.

It is not, however, well documented. We’ll dump sone links in that regard in a moment.

The hard part of 3D printing does not seem to be the printing. That can be an annoying technical challenge, but I am a technician by trade, so undeterred by that. The hard part – the value-added part – is turning an idea into a useful digital file. There are many applications that can do this, but we have chosen Blender because it is free hard.

Anyhoo – here’s where that process is starting:

That site warns:

Blender is not the kind of software you can launch into and grope about until you find your way. It’s not like exploring an unfamiliar city. It’s more like flying a spaceship. If you hop into the pilot’s seat without knowing the fundamentals, you’ll be lucky to ever get off the ground, and it’d take a miracle for you to reach your destination safely.

Okay then.


I’ll update on this subject once I’ve plowed through this.



One thought on “Because it is hard…

  1. I took an “advanced media” class as part of my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (in fall of 2013) and the Professor had the whole class using Blender. It was HARD even with an instructor and others in the class with more digital graphics experience than I had. But eventually it did the job it was supposed to do. But definitely tough. On the other hand I’ve had a couple of CAD programs I never was able to master either, so maybe I’m not a very good gauge.

    BUT, that’s actually not why I sought you out. I found the Phoenix Meetup group for Writers and tried to send you the following message. Unfortunately my result was just “unexpected error” (kinda like Blender) :o) Here’s what I wanted to say.

    Hi, Tony. The Central Phoenix Writing Workshop Meetup group sounds like something I could contribute to in various ways. On the other hand, my location is not “Central” Phoenix, and … well I was going to say in the far Northwest corner of the city, but now that Trilogy is established it’s not the furthest, just far from any of the existing Meetup locations. I’d be more likely to participate if there were to be a Meetup location, Northern Peoria, N. Glendale, N. Sun City or Sun City West. Do you know if there is a Writers Meetup somewhere in those areas? If not, would you be so kinds as to “float” a solicitation of interest in such a location from among existing members, please? I’d be willing to be a co-host/co-organizer for once or twice a month, though not the sole tent pole. Thanks, and continuing success with the Meetup and with your obviously successful writing career.


    Stafford “Doc” Williamson

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