Careful What you wish for…

For the Republicans, its a case of Careful What You Wish For. They have their majority in the House, and a working minority in the Senate. But to get that, they drank the Tea, and that same Tea is about to do them in.

The Tea Party sees the Debt Ceiling” Crisis” as their best hope to starve the beast – to eliminate the Federal Government as a major force in our lives. They believe the Debt Ceiling is an accounting trick, and many will not vote to raise it under any circumstances. It remains unclear whether the adult wing of the GOP can secure passage of anything without them (since apparently, working with Democrats is still unthinkable).

Here’s the Radical Moderate Position on the completely self-inflicted Debt Ceiling Crisis:

You pass a clean debt ceiling bill in the middle of the night – just like they always have in the past – not because its the responsible policy thing to do, but because it prevents one party or another from turning this into a hostage situation like we have now.

Everybody – that’s everybody – knew the budget passed would require additional debt by the summer of 2011. You can be appalled, but you cannot feign surprise.  They’ve had the same numbers in both houses since last November. If you haven’t affected “lasting change” by now – it’s too late.

Just raise the debt ceiling. Every alternative is actually worse now.

I know the Tea Party isn’t fond of facts clogging up their emotional catharsis about the Crushing Debt, but the chart above is derived from fairly undisputed numbers.

If you are serious about the deficit, you gotta put the Bush tax cuts on the table. Because the economy is what it is, and the wars can’t just be turned off. (Oh – and TARP actually made money – probably because it was actually cooked up by Republicans to begin with).

If the money that went into Social Security had actually stayed in Social Security, it would still be solvent.

Speaking of shameful legislative skullduggery – Mitch McConnell is right: if the Tea Party (let’s face it – they’re the problem here) torpedoes every  Ceiling deal, they will be on the hook for whatever happens August 3rd and after.

The Democrats would have just raised the ceiling. You know its true.

I know none of the Tea Party Caucus read my blog, but here’s some advice anyway:

You could vote yes because its actually good for the country (at this point). Did we spend too much? Probably. But – and this is key – we already spent that money, in the sense that once you order the food from a restaurant, you still have to pay for it, whether you enjoyed the meal or not.Even if you have to borrow money from your date.

As one of our supervisors famously explained to an obstructive client, “Look. This is what it costs. At some point, you have to grow up and pay the bill.”

Or you could vote yes because you value your own stock portfolio.

OR you could vote yes because otherwise you get the blame for an economy that might otherwise sink the current President. Pinning a secondary collapse on obstructionist Republicans helped FDR get elected in 1936 with 12% unemployment; and it could help BHO do the same thing in 2012.

That’s right: a vote against the debt ceiling is – in an admittedly convoluted but foreseeable way – a vote for President Obama.

Now you know.

3 thoughts on “Careful What you wish for…

  1. I find it interesting your graph does not show an end to conflict in Iraq or Iran, and does not consider Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid spending as adding to the deficit. To me, that shows an anti-war, anti-tax cut leaning in your politics. Just thought your readers might want to see a little more of the big picture.

  2. unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about the tea party. So I ask you not to take the extreme tea party rhetoric as gospel for the general tea party people that believe in the the basics. Remove the inefficiencies in govt, remove the duplicate spending, reduce the govt to a manageable level, The Government shouldn’t be the largest employer in the country. The Govt shouldn’t be our Nanny, We are men and women we should take up and own our responsibilities. Charity and support should come from the people, the community, the churches, and our neighbors. The Government should have minimal involvement in our lives, We are seriously lacking in our constitutional foundations that all are equal under the law. If everyone (individual and corporate) paid a simple 10% tax on ALL income, and no deductions allowed our situation we be greatly improved, add to this a fixed .005% tax on all sales transactions, NO exemptions, We would have a booming economy, and a fully funded government.
    Now to fight off what some will say is an over sight on my part regards to SS & Medicare. reduce SS payments to a combined 10% (5% employee 5% employer) and remove the payment level ceiling and have it cover all income no caps on maximum. Tighten up the eligibility requirements to receive social security, additional corporations need to pay an additional 1% to the SS fund. Medicare needs to be treated in much the same way, in fact it would probably be best to combine the SS and medicare funds into 1 untouchable trust that cannot be raided by congress.
    These steps Would go a long way to healing what’s wrong with our country.
    A balanced Budget Is essential for our country Along with A requirement That congress passes a budget (something the Dems ignored for 2 years)
    It’s not the Governments Job to dictate behavior through taxes or tax breaks, no rebates for buying this that or the other thing. I also feel the same when it comes to morality issues gay marriage, abortion, birth control, equality and other such issues.
    I could go on for days about unions and and the bleeding that they cause to industries and consumers, I won’t even enter into a discussion about public employee unions (something that even Jimmy Hoffa thought should never be allowed)

    Tony give me a call sometime it’s been a while

  3. My understanding of the graph is that medicare is represented within the little black line on the bottom with all the other domestic discretionary spending. It’s billions, but not trillions. To get to trillions, you need active wars, a bad economy and low, low taxes. Social Security adds to the deficit in that we borrowed money from it that we will eventually have to repay. It is, regardless, arguably solvent through 2019.

    That said, I’ll admit I put a lot of faith in that graph, and didn’t do much secondary research. Wonking is just a hobby.

    I’ll readily admit to being anti-war. All war is crime, and in most cases a money loser. My income bracket is still too low to be anti-tax.

    The Tea Party positions came from statements from elected members of Congress who self-identify as members of the Tea Party Caucus. I can’t really speak for rank-and-file Tea Party members. I don’t go to the meetings. I stipulate, however, that if a majority of that group had thought things out as far as you have, we wouldn’t be in this position.

    It’s expensive being a global super-power. It is certainly legitimate to debate how much farther we are willing to go on in that direction. But instead of having that debate, our elected officials ran up the Visa card at the behest of bankers and the military-industrial complex. .And we let them.

    At some point, we have to grow up and pay the bill. That point would be now.

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