A few regrets…

There was an ad on Craigslist looking for  free-lancers for a local start-up magazine. I sent my usual blurb and clips. Weeks later, I get a form letter explaining how prospective writers would be required to submit smaple articles in order to “establish a relationship” – and if that worked out, said writer would be paid for future articles.

I wrote back and told them what I thought of that.

The editor then took the time to write me back wondering why I took the time simply to be rude to her, and explaining how she was embarrassed by  these terms, but they were imposed on her by the publisher.

Two things:

1) I hope that publisher is paying her up front.

2) Both of our time would have been better spent just deleting the damn email when we realized the terms were not going to acceptable. But I’ll tap my chest and nod: I should have just deleted the form letter and saved us both the drama.

The demand for quality non-fiction (as opposed to drivel such as this blog) will always exceed the supply. When you right it for free, you are Part of the Problem.

I’ve heard this called many names, but this guy is selling t-shirts: Yog;s Law: Money flows towards the Writer

Four days overdue from the Thursday night group: All Poetry poetry school

My wife and I figured out why we were scraping bottom financially the past few months. The detail I can share here: about $100/week just eating lunch. Adds up quick.

I’m neglecting most of my blogs for other projects and I only regret that I do not seem to regret that very much.

They’re only blogs.

Now You know

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