The pain in my ass and driving to LA

I have an acute lumbar strain. I’ve been suffering with this for a week. Its’ getting better, but slowly. I’m no longer 24.Though literally a pain in my ass (though mostly right above my ass), the experience has been instructive:

I’ll never really know how I did it. I suspect it awas a combination of abuse over several days – as the situation became gradually worse over several days.

If you can stand up, sit down and walk on your heels and then on your toes – you likely have just a muscle problem. You haven’t screwed up your spine.

A hot bath has been the single most effective treatment I’ve found for it. A hot shower, on the other hand, makes it far worse. Standing in one place and turning in a tight circle (and what else do you do in a shower?) all aggravate my situation.

Chronic pain drives my beer consumption up by 50%. (So that’s three beers/night instead of two – before anyone plans an intervention.) And so you know, Ibuprofin, even at 800mg, is not contraindicated with alcohol. I’m fine. Stop blocking the TV.

A week later, I’m at about 70% (up from my low of 45%), and it only hurts when I do something (like stand, or walk). It no longer throbs at night – and I’m fairly stoked about that.

And I can sit indefinitely – which is quite fortunate. Because I only missed a day and a half from work. There was nothing that preventred me from being able to drive a 16′ moving van to LA to fetch some followspots.

In California, the sign says “trucks and vehicle towing trailers – 55 mph”. The normal speed limit is 70 mph. I now know that “truck” in this sense means something with more than two axles. I didn’t know that on the way in – so I split the difference and averaged 65 mph.

No one wants to see your Ryder moving van in a weigh station. Drive on by. (I actually learned this lesson years ago).

Sometimes I have sat on a Phoenix freeway and thought “this is almost as bad as LA…”. And I was wrong.

If your company issues you a gas card for a particular brand of station, take some time, use the internet, and find all the locations for that brand along your route. There was a Shell station in Quartzsite, and had I known that, I would have saved myself a hundred rads of stress. I coasted into the Tonopah Shell on fumes, and only because I turned off the AC for the last 50 miles.

The guy comp’d my refill of coffee, though. That was cool.

Now you know.


One thought on “The pain in my ass and driving to LA

  1. When placarded I was required to go through the truck stops, by law, even though my truck was really too small, but they had no desire to even talk to me.

    I did learn the hard way that when it came to buying a temporary California registration for my commercial truck they did care. If I had got it at the truck stop before California would have cost about $20. When they pulled me over just past the border it cost me $180 and 4 hours of my time while waiting for my employer to send me the money via Western Union terminal conveniently located in the truck stop office.

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