jet line in conduit – a hate story

First and foremost, never try to pull cable through a conduit using the jet line – even if your partner on the other side insists it will be easy. Because it wasn’t. And the jet-line broke. And that leaves an empty conduit.

Putting jetline back into the conduit took the better part of this week. Yes, I said week. You see, we broke the jet line in a 150′ conduit with at least 4 ninety-dgree bends of flex conduit. Now, for those of you who haven’t had to play with jet line and fish-tape – that’s bad.

It is far too humiliating to disclose how many man-hours were spent trying to shove the jet line pack through with fish tape, or suck it thru with a shop vac. Several attempts left me with bloody hands, a soaked shirt and a hundred feet of jet line stuck in a 150′ conduit.

(Though it didn’t make the difference – one of our ranks possessed a reel of fiberglass fish tape – which is just awesome – and I will not be happy until I own one!)

The asnwer was two shop vacs (the client’s and my personal one). One sucking and one blowing from the other end.

(pause now for inaapropraite snickering.)

Can I write my shop vac off my taxes now?

The jet line is to pull the mule tape. The mule tape is to pull the wire. The shortcut is an illusion. GAFDE.

Now You Know

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