The future is still wide open

This is normally the slot where I’d post writer’s meet-up notes, but nothing came out of last night that lent itself to further investigation on-line.

So, we’ll get through a little backlog of writing tidbits. First general writing, then my writing in particular.

Patrick Nelson-Hayden (of whom I’ve written much re Westercon) on the future of e-books and science fiction.

C. Hope Clark’s Funds For Writers site with free newsletters (I subscribe to two) lots of advice and a shining example of how to promote yourself on the web. She also has a blog.

I just finished a little thing for Demand Studios. Took maybe 2 hours to crank out a 200 word article, but that’s because I had to keep tabbing over to the style guide. I get the format down, it would be an hour. Plus research. Plus re-writes. IF it all works out, I get $5 in pay-pal.

I’m not at all convinced I need the work that badly.

But I’ll update as we go.

Speaking of writing that may never make money, Agent #8 requested a synopsis along with a full manuscript.

It took me 4.5 hours to write a 2000 word synopsis.

It took the agent 2.5 days to reply.

“I’m going to pass.  This is much better than what I usually see, but I think it would be hard to sell as a middle grade book–too cynical and dark–and the young narrator makes an adult sale tricky.  It’s also too episodic to have as much suspense as the market likes.”

I could bump Jack up to age 14, and keep most of the plot intact.

But the tone and the episodic nature are deep structural things. I think the tone is a matter of opinion though. Not that its cynical -even though this is the brightest, most positive, least violent fiction I have ever written, the underlying cynicism is undeniable. How much cynicism is palatable to middle-grade readers?

A lot. My son’s bookshelf is full of horrible events and grim battle versus overwhelming darkness and so forth.

Now, how much cynicism will a middle-grade publisher tolerate from a first-time novelist?

Let’s just go ahead and see what agent #9 thinks.

We Shall See.

(Now you know…)

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