A writer whines – and then cool graphix

It takes less than a foot deep of current to wash avehicle down the river. More facts in my flash flood article for Examiner.

I applied at Demand Studios, another internet content sweatshop. They are, as the name might hint, very demanding. They have a 3 page style guide for 200 word fact-sheet articles – including how to cite references.

Unlike Examiner, though, they pash cash up front – though not much. $20 (for about 500 words) is their top rate. Their style and content demands, though, are the kind of standards that start at $.10/word.

Or so it was in the olden days, before the information explosion up-ended the supply-demand ratio. Back when we wrote on typwriters, and sent our third draft in by mail, competent writers could make reasonable writing for magazines. The interent, and all that comes with it, has so lowered the barrier that anyone who passed ENG 102 and has access to dial-up can write content for web-pages.

Which is why 90% of the copy on the internet is dreck. But its free – so no one really complains about it.

The talent ratio hasn’t changed. They are only so many people who can research and write and make deadline without supervision. But publications that charge money for copies of well-written, informed non-fiction are dwindling towards extinction.

Meanwhile, hap-hazard gibberish explodes across the net – for free.

One article for Demand pays more than I’ve made so far for six articles on Examiner. I’ve already discussed my excuse for being in that sweatshop. I dunno.

We’re heading towards a society of slaves. You knew that right?

Ok. Enough whining about words. Cool graphics:

USA Today tracks progress of the International Space Station

The New York Times on how typical people spend their day

And men’s brains vs women’s brains in an argument.

Now You Know.

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