Writer’s Group Notes from 8-20-09

While I was out, my wife bought a new vaccuum cleaner – and the children thinks its the Greatest Toy Ever.

The dogs have an opposite opinion.

Despite dangling over the precipice of bankruptcy, Reader’s Digest runs monthly contests – many of them involving writing prompts. Free entry – real money – at least for now.

St. Germain is:

A) the professional alias of Mark Kneas, a New Age whacko author/lecturer/musician living in Shasta CA. Specifically, he calls himself St. Germain of the Violet Flame. Without getting into the theosophy behind this all, its clear his website copy could only benefit from being work-shopped with a group like ours. He’s self-published 20 books.

B) Count St. Germain, whom Casanova described as the “celebrated and learned imposter”, a coutier/philosopher/alchemist/musician bouncing around Europe in the mid 18th century. Some New Age whackos people claim this person to be immortal.

Amazon and Microsoft unite against Google over book rights. Which giant, mutant, psychotic gorilla are you rooting for?

Now You Know

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