Writer’s Meet-up notes 8-13-09

Only five people, and we were still the loudest group in the coffee shop. A marked contrast to the recent past. I have some bits of interest to writer’s in general, but first, a few random facts that came up last night.

Two sources for London rhyming slang:



Wikipedia on the Rochdale Cooperative Principles.

Non-wiki source: CommunityMarket

Probably a little upscale for hillbilly teenagers, but the Kawasaki Mule is typical of utility ATV’s.

The pilcrow, the paragraph symbol, does appear like a backwards “P”.

Now some links of more general literary (or at least commercial copy) interest:

KK Rusch’s far-reaching guide to freelancing.

Google has a proposed settlement with the Author’s Guild over Google’s habit of just posting stuff on the internet and asking about copyright later. Few other writer’s organizations like it, including the Science Fiction Writer’s Association and the National Writer’s Union.

And more on the paradigm shift involved when pricing e-books.

[More on that subject in this blog – here.]

I have a little gig writing for Examiner.com about camping. Examiner is hiring – though its not really as straightforward as that. They pay by the page-view, according to a Secret Formula, but its cumulative page-views, so if you have a lot of article up for a long time, and people keep reading them, those pennies pile up into dollars. That’s the theory, anyway.

If you blog on a particular subject regularly, then the Examiner is probably a better deal that blogging for free, or for the pittance of Adsense or the like. I would not, though, mistake this for paid-by-the-word commercial non-fiction.

My examiner page – so you know what we’re talking about.

Use my name, and I get $50.

Now You Know.

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