100th Post!

This means I eligible for syndication! (Well, if The Nanny could do it…)

Some numbers:

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Total views: 1,225

Busiest day: 25 — Thursday, October 30, 2008

Views today: 1


Posts: 99

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Akismet has protected your site from 207 spam comments.

My other site (Are We Lost Yet?) can get 44 spam comments in a day!

I pushed the GO button on Examiner.com. I am the soon-to-be Phoenix Camping Examiner (the hiking position was already filled). There’s still a couple of hoops.

A lot of hoops, actually, for something that might – might – gross $10 a month. But I view it solely as a means to market my hiking guide. I could blog in obscurity on largely the same subjects for free, or I could get slightly compensated on Examiner. Easy choice, when presented like that.

Of course, Examiner work differs from a blog in some important ways:

* People actually read it. (The average for Phoenix recreation Examiner site yields 35+ hits per day – more than my busiest day here.)

* Your editor actually notices if you don’t post for a week.

* You have to write in 3rd person AP style.  As opposed to 1st person what-the-fuck-ever-style that typifies most blogs, including this one.

AP style seems like work.

On Saturday, I leave for a vacation to Yellowstone on which I expect to learn PLENTY, but none of which I’m likely to post about until I get back.

I hope to post the Writer’s Meet-up notes before I go, but time dwindles, and the To Do list expands. I didn’t want to clog my historic 100th post with such things.

Now You Know.

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