You would think…

You would think that having gone to a big genre convention would send me back full of ideas and the motivation to turn those ideas into words. Yet my daily word count is embarrassing since the con.

You would think that a weekend without the kids would provide either pleasure or productivity, but it really produced only traces of either.

You would think this would prompt some introspective analysis from a borderline workaholic who normally loathes wasting time, but, that didn’t take very long.

I discovered Firefly on Hulu. That’s what happened to the better half of my weekend. That and we are trapped checking in twice daily on my sister’s large pack of large dogs, which precludes any serious activities out-of-town.

But I had forgotten how just about everything about Firefly stikes me as cool, from the pseudo-western dialogue to the toilets that fold back up into the cabin wall.

OK – my last reference to WesterCon 62 (I think…): Hand-out from the Writer’s Group Panel

Say it ain’t so: The 114th Skeptics Circle

And looking up in a similar format: the 110th Space Carnival

Now You Know.

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