A Splash of Quick Facts

It is safe for normal humans – and even Americans – to drink the water in Bogata, Columbia.

80% of the children in the Bahamas do not know how to swim. I know this because I’m on assignment about a woman who has taught water safety there.

The ABC’s of drowning awareness:

Always have your eyes on the kids


Classes on first Aid and CPR

The Central Phoenix Writer’s Workshop drew twenty (20!) people last night. That’s double the size the format is designed for. So I am shifting to moderating a Thursday night meet-up, same time, same place, same format, different night.

My kids, particularly my son, I decided the like water polo – of all things – enough to participate in a team throughout the summer.

Wet Beaver Creek (oh- stop giggling!) Wilderness Area is closed to camping until 2010. Fire reasons, I think. Bummer. I’m still trying to pin down a logistically plausible hike for this weekend.

For the riggers: ZFX’s new No-go guage

Writer Louise Marley on E-books and other promising trends in publishing.

And more fuel for the e-book debate: statistics!

Now You Know.

2 thoughts on “A Splash of Quick Facts

  1. Hello, I simply had to reply to this post even though it is almost a year old. It’s not often I find a post with so many commonalities to our lives….. we camped this past weekend at Wet Beaver Creek. We’re heading to Bogota, Colombia this year to adopt (and did not know that we could drink the water!). We also live in Phx. and I’m a writer with two solo projects published and several contributing works.

    Is the Central Phoenix Writer’s Workshop still functioning?

    All the best, Linda

  2. It may be even more than that: I was at WBC two weeks ago (I’m working on a second hiking guide).

    Central Phoenix Writer’s Workshop is a going concern, and I still (nominally) head the Thursday night cell.

    See you there?


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