Painful lessons, then links.

Kayaking does not help your tennis elbow at all.

The reason you secure financing in advance of shopping for cars is so you can categorically refuse to anything to do with dealer financing. I may have a lot more on that in 24 hours

“Yada-yada-yada” predates Seinfeld. I just heard it on a re-run from Cheers.

OK – some links:

The pig flu? Least of their problems south of Mexico. They’ve had a hudnred years of Chagas.

From TED: 10 things you don’t know about orgasms (Relatively SFW).

Don’t want to subsidize poor people’s health care with your hard-earned money. Too bad. You already are.

Greenland is melting – and that’s bad.

And more fuel for the e-book debate : The true costs of e-books.

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