Land of the Lost Car Dealers

We traded in the Buick for a 2006 Chevy Equinox. Partly to have a vehicle we can haul kids/dogs/bikes in w/o multiple trips, and partly to solev my Buick Filter issues on forest roads.

Here’s what we learned:

* All the young, high-pressure sales guys that used to prowl the lots are gone. Only the old, undermotivated guys who have been doing this forever are left to slowly show you cars.

* If you can find something between the car you really want (we looked at a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe  with less than 10K miles) and the car you could easily afford (a 2006 Jeep Patriot with power-nothing. Nothing!) for which you can make the beans work out, take it.

* Subaru seats are too close to the floor – even for folks like my wife and I who have no legs.

* I defy you to find a working clock or timepiece visible in a car showroom.

* If you just accept going in that a dealer is going to screw you on your trade-in (because that’s where they really make their money), it takes a whole lot of stress out of the process.

* Walking in with a pre-approved load also takes a whole lot of stress out of the process. Because now, they’re not trying to inflate their margin thru mystery financing. Thge best they can hope for is to beat your pre-approved offer (which happened).

* It’s a whole lot easier doing this with a trade-in that still runs well, and middle-aged finances.

On an obliquely related note, SF Channel ahs been running a Land of the Lost marathon. I used to worship that show as a child – though I remember giving up on it mid-way through the third and final season because the writing was getting lazy. L of L hads a lot of weird fun ideas going on all at the same time, and if you got past the 70’s kid TV show pacing and the horrific SFX, there was some good Science Fiction underneath, and decent character development by Saturday morning standards.

The biggest difference you’d find now – past the SFX – is that a competent adult parent was a central character in the show. This hardly ever happens on kids’ TV.

Another difference was that Mom was dead – and they talked about every once in a while. My kids watch iCarly all the time, and after seeing every episode for three seasons, could not tell you what happened to her mother.

For all of that, four episodes in a row is my limit.

Now You Know.


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