Weed-Whacking in a Stupor

In the city of Phoenix, when one neighbor calls to complain about the condition of another neighbor’s yard, that activates an Area of Effect weapon. The city inspects everyone in the neighborhood, and fines accordingly. So while someone undoubtedly intended to report the dereclict and unoccupied house next door, my wife had to talk the city out of fining us as well.

Thus, between 20 hour days, I was weed-whacking in a stupor.

You can’t really let your junior age kids do the weed-whacking when fines are at stake. They did most of the raking, though. Teach them to gloat about having no homework.

I woke up in a hotel room in Prescott Valley Sunday morning, and really, really wished I had been camping instead. Sigh…

I’m not entirely TV free – yet. I watched the ASU women win their game Saturday with teamwork and defense and simply wearing out the higher-ranked Texas A&M squad with hockey-style substitution patterns. Then I watched the Suns lose to the sub .500 Kings by doing just the opposite.

I’ll watch ASU’s next game (Don’t get your hopes up too high – UConn is undefeated for a reason), but I’m done with the Suns this week.

Now you know

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