Careful what you wish for…

Has it really been 7 days? <sigh…>

Only seems like twenty.

I built a gate, and figgered out a method to prop the monster up so I could lag in the hinges. I also learned the folly of relying upon te judgement of whoever beuilt the original gate. It’s a marvel it lasted as long as it did.

For all that, I still have to barricade it against my stupid dog.

I learned that most of the authors who set up at Local Author Book Signings are self published, and sell mostly to people they actually know. I was the only one still trying to cover an advance from a publisher.

Even so, I sold out (thanks guys!), though mostly to people I already knew.

I found a niche for myself administratively at my day job, and that means my cel phone rings at all hours with people who assume I actually have a desk that I work from.

Marketing has a lot in common with alchemy: creativity and attention to detail will pay off – just as with any other endeavor – but its really a matter of magical luck.

And now, I’m going into the first moving light show I designed in two years, and I’ll need all my brain for it. I will have many details on all of this sometime over the weekend.

And if you wandered here hoping for the Wed Night Writer’s update – you’ll have to wait for the weekend as well. Gotta carve out an hour toeat dinner.

Now You know.


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