Limits on the Suns offense and FTL travel may be looser than we supposed. 2/21/09

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My Beloved Suns scored 140 points on three consecutive nights following the firing of Terry “Slam-the-Brakes” Porter. Sure, they were against teams who were, by NBA standards, cupcakes, but this is the first time since the 1990 Portland Trailblazers such a thing ahs been accomplished.

And those who slavishly ut your faith in defense – gander at the point differential (20+). Points allowed is not the real metric. It is a statistical fact that the best offensive team wins a championship 50% of the time. It wasn’t a lack of defense that killed the Suns in the playoffs. It was a lack of rebounding. If Coach Alvin Gentry can solve that and keep this pace, no one will remember his brief interim status.

Of course, tomorrow they face the defdending champion Celtics, who have one of the best defenses in basketball, one that held them to 87 points when they humiliated the Suns in Boston.

I Can’t Wait!

Gene Roddenberry was right all along. Dr. Miguel Alcubierre, a theoretical Physicist from Mexico, demonstrated the possible mathematical underpinnings of a warp drive in a now-famous (among geeks) 1994 paper. Of course, to really make it work, you’d need to convert an object the size of Jupiter into pure energy.

In researching my SF Game/fiction universe, though, I stumbled upon new(ish) thinking on the Alcubierre Drive, as they now call it, nicely summarized in the Feb 2000 article in Analog.

You can’t research trans-dimensional anything on the WWW without runnning into a thick layer of new-age gibberish.

Now you know.


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