Pride is expensive. [1/29/08]

A clear signal of the respect rapper Lil’ Wayne has for his fans: his show Wednesday started on time, but the headliner did not even set foot into the building until more than an hour after he was scheduled to start, uh, doing whatever it is he does onstage. Consequently, he had to cut his act short to avoid giving a ton of money back to the promoter.

(Something like 200-300 people staff a typical arena concert. That’s a LOT of extra labor costs cause one guy can’t manage to find the stage.)

I suspect he will join the long list of gangsta rappers who got their one big national tour, and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

The Suns-Spurs game just ended. I’m going to call it: The championship window for the Nash/Stoudemire-era Suns closed when GM Steve Kerr let Mike D’Antoni walk away to New York. Both Nash and Stoudemire will be on the final year of their contract next season. I can confidently predict that at least one of them will not be in a Suns uniform by this time next year.

O’Neal hasn’t made them a better rebounding team. Coach Porter hasn’t made them any better defensively. At least under D’Antoni, they scored.

A couple of good links to feed the cerebellum:

A graphic display of graphic displays

And writers on writing. [via SF Signal].

Now you know.

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