The zombie corpse of Orpheus drifts farther away every year. 1/1/09

Twelve years ago I made a New Year’s Resolution that I would never make New Year’s Resolutions. I kept it ever since. The Holidays will be over soon, and honestly, I’m ready to get back to the Real Struggle without the artificial stress and expense that we create for ourselves every year.

You can develop tennis elbow from playing Wii. I know this because Santa brought that for Christmas. (If consumer spending is down – don’t blame us!)

The Wii baseball that comes with it frustrates me because its like grade-school kickball. No double plays, no sacrifices – runner only advance on real hits. Ah well, I still spned too much time on it.

Dark Roasted Blend interviewed Kenneth C Davis, who write the Don’t Know Much About ______ books, basically encyclopedias of random facts.

Current astrophysics holds that our moon was formed when the semi-mythical planet “Orpheus”, probably the original resident of the Sun’s 5th, but now vacant orbital slot between Mars and Jupiter, slammed into our planet billions of years ago. Bernard Foing writes about that in Astrobiology.

Good leaders – who know its not their turn – make great followers. Most of them are happy to only have to worry about the job in front of them for once.

Now you know

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