Jack Novel Finished! 12/31/08

For the record: I have just met my self-imposed deadline and completed a pass-around draft of The Prince of Bandits (Volume One of the Autobiography of Jack the Giant Killer).

To meet that deadline, I have blown off several things over the past few days, including this blog. I have a backlog of notes but I’m going to let this announcement stand alone.

The numbers: 25 chapters, 170 pages (single space, 12pt Times Roman via Word) 84,445 words and about six years on and off – though really since fall of 2006 as a serious pursuit.

Having met the first goal – Finish the Damn Book! – I go forth on the second goal – Interest an Agent.

The third goal is getting published. We shall see.

At this point, I’m the only one who’s read the entire thing. If you are interested in reading it for me ( and giving some fedback) post a comment. We’ll find a way to get you a copy.

Now you know.

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