Coming up on the X-mas Break [12/21/08]

So, I’m still getting clobbered timewise. This may be the last post until after The Holiday.

But while we have a moment together:Kitchen 2.0This is what the kitchen looks like from the cam on my laptop right now.

So there’s some cosmetic thing that still need to be done, but everything basically works and/or holds weight. Good Enough.

God gave us cordless drills and recipricating saws because He loves us, and He wants us to get stuff done.

Spend a Friday driving back and forth to the hardware store – learn stuff from NPR Science Friday. Mainly, that I am not alone in my quest for documentation about eggs and whiskey. NPR focuses on egg nog, because, well, tis the season. My curiousity came from the mythical “miner’s breakfast” where you break an egg into a glass of whisky and drink.

This may require more research.

Meanwhile, I have 10,000 things to do in the next few days, and so do you. Back after X-mas.

Now you know.

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