Uploading Pix [12/16/08

My kitchen "before"

This is my kitchen before -major- demolition began. Doors, sink  and some shelves had been removed. demolished kitchen left

demolished kithcen rightThat big cabinet unit on the wall turns out to be one solid piece and somewhat structural. So that’s my wall, without any clothes on.

Cool, huh? Yeah. especally with the big hole right into the attic.

Happily, a good friend came over and helped me drywall over the holes and put up the wall units.

j-w-cabinets I had other helpers as well.

That’s “hickory” if you’re wondering, though its really just a veneer over press board. My wife likes it and it was within budget (actually on sale, which began this whole insane countdown in the first place).

I’ll have more on this as the project limps forward.


Yavapai County Community College has a very nice performing arts hall, which is very easy to work in. They called in Rhino to load in Spelling Bee, which is a bus-and-truck touring Broadway show – and NOT the Yavapai county spelling bee, as some in our company assumed.

If you want ot know how to get 16 trucks of gear out of a building in 2.5 hours, watch AC/DC load out this year.

The third show I did (in four days) was the annual Christmas Mariachi Spectacular, during which I learned virtually nothing. But that goes a ways to explain why I’m fried.

Bongo at Yavapai:


My Beloved Suns made a big trade, and I think for the better. Jason Richardson can straight-up score the ball, and Bobcat coach Larry Brown will get more out of Bell and Diaw than poor Terry Porter ever would. Even before the trade, turnovers are inching down, rebounds are inching up, and they’re starting to play somewhat like a team again.

Remember that Terry Porter walked into a coach’s nightmare: a popular and winning coach (55 wins last season) was allowed to leave for largely ego and political reasons, and Porter was brought in to Do Things Differently. And he did. And it sucked. The suns went fro leading the league in points to leading the league in  turnovers. Now, though, it seems that Porter is listening to the players and in return, the players are listening to the coach.

Mike D’Antoni’s Knicks were summarily spanked in the USAC tonight. That’sa little embarrassing for him – but the Knicks won only 23 games last year. D’Antoni has a re-building cushion to fall back on. For Porter, this game was a Must Win, and his players delivered.

Almost gives me hope. Almost.

Lastly, I don’t want to upstage Strange Maps, but here’s a couple:

Immigration since 1820 and an island in an island in an island.

Now you know.


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